A hymn to Lord Shiva

॥ शिवाय गुरवे नमः ॥

The lord of all beings,  
The God of the entire cosmos,
The destroyer of sins,
The One who is ever pure, The bestower of the Happiness
I meditate on that supreme Lord, Shiva.

The One who is the father of the universe,
The One who has the Ganges braided in his matted hairlocks,
The One who has influence of billions of sun,
The One with sun, moon and fire as his eyes,
I meditate on that god of god, Mahadeva.

   He, who is with the goddess uma,
  the slayer of the enemies,
   who pervades everywhere,
  Who has his body smeared with ash,
Who creates, upkeep and destroy the universe
I forever bow to that supreme eternal Lord sadashiva.

 The One bearing crescent moon and carrying trident,
 The one, Who is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient,
He, who has won over the death,
Who is unaffected by time and space,
 All glories to that three eyed Lord.

 He, who is the destroyer of Yama(god of death),
The one who burned the kama(lust) into ashes 
The destroyer of the Tripura(three cities of demons),
The one who is beyond the five elements,
I forever bow to that eternal and almighty Lord Shiva.

The one who is unborn, The one whose lotus feet is worshipped by Lord Brahma and Vishnu,
He, who can be attain by true devotion only, The giver of boons
The One who illuminates the whole Universe,
 I forever bow to that ever auspicious supreme lord.

 He, Who is the creator of the creator,
                    Who is the preserver of the preserver,   He controls the time(kala), Who always destroys the pride of arrogant,
 I forever bow to that one and only supreme lord Shiva

 He, Who is in the form of Brahma and Vishnu,
Who is in the form of Goddess Uma,
Who is in the form of ganesha and skanda,
I forever bow to that ever auspicious Supreme lord shiva.



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